Why is Avatar (2009) back in theaters?

As you probably already know. The late 2000s super hit sci-fi film, Avatar, is finally back in theaters.

And as reported by the official tweet upload from 20th Century Studios Indonesia below. It was revealed that the re-release of the film directed by James Cameron (Titanic) in all Indonesian cinemas was on September 23, 2022.

After knowing this. Surely many of us have prepared this and that to return to adventure with this revolutionary film. Well but in the middle of this preparation. Maybe there are still many of us who are curious themselves.

Specifically, we are curious why the Avatar movie is back in theaters? What’s the main reason?

More to Generational Educational Reasons

Well recently. Cameron who conducted his virtual press conference session gave his explanation,

So according to this 68-year-old director who was also released again from Murphy’s Multiverse. The reason why he and his team decided to re-release Avatar was more for “generational education.”

I mean this guys. So as we all know the Avatar film was first released in 2009, which means that it has also been 13 years.

Well, when we first released it, we were 18 years and over. Of course, we have witnessed and experienced the gokil and sophisticated experience of this film. But it’s a different story with us who at that time were still not old enough. Or maybe, just born in that year.

To Feel the Same Fun Experience

The result is yes for such individuals. Technically, they are the same or considered by Cameron, have not seen the film. So it’s automatic for generations like this. They do not feel at all the sophisticated experience of this film on the big screen.

So yes again in other words. The reason for this re-release is to introduce and at the same time provide a sophisticated and memorable Avatar viewing experience to generations who have never experienced it.

Seeing Cameron’s statement, of course we now have to respect his figure. Because he is willing and able to convince the studio to take action that we can say is tantamount to doing charity.

But at the same time. We can’t be hypocrites either. That is, if we look again. That’s not the only reason why this Avatar movie is back in theaters.

Specifically, another reason why they did this re-release is ultimately for business purposes as well. That is, in addition to adding more coffers for this original film.

In addition, they took this step to further hype the release of the sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water. Which as we know, this sequel will be released on December 16, 2022 in all US cinema chains.

So, what do you think about this discussion? And are you going to the theaters this September 23 to watch this re-release of Avatar?

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