The One Above All vs Beyonder, who is the most powerful in the Marvel Universe? Of course this is a question for Marvel fans. Because as we know both entities have the title as the strongest entity or creature in the Marvel universe. Even the strength of the two of them surpassed that of the Celestials.

The two are so strong that no character can beat them both. But so far The On Above All has never faced a Beyonder. Of course this is something interesting to discuss.

The One Above All vs Beyonder, Who is the Strongest?

Curious isn’t it if they have a power struggle, who will win? If so, let’s look at the discussion below.

1. The Power of The One Above All

First, we will discuss the power of The One Above All, as we all know this character is a Marvel god. He has no origin or background, but he has appeared several times in Marvel comics using a similar appearance to Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

As the god of the Marvel Universe, of course The One Above All can easily create everything, including living things, not only that, but he can also destroy his creation very easily. Even the power of The One Above All is described as the author himself.

2. Beyonder Power

Next we will discuss the power of the Beyonder. For those of you who don’t know, this Beyonder has a different origin for each version, then the level of power is also different or inconsistent.

But what is certain is that this Beyonder has great power to be able to master reality itself. Besides that he also has his own Universe and this Universe Beyonder is much bigger than the Marvel Universe.

According to the information we got from the original Beyonder or who appeared in the Secret Wars 1984 and Secret Wars II comics, he is stronger than the Living Tribunal, and can defeat Galactus easily, even though this Galactus is considered a fly to him.

3. So Who is the Strongest?

So if The One Above All fights with the Beyonder, who is the strongest? you need to know they both can master reality itself easily. However, only one character is considered omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, namely The One Above All.

Even though Beyonders can create reality, The One Above All is beyond reality itself. For that reason, it’s certainly quite a face if the two of them rarely appear in the Marvel series.

Thus the discussion of The One Above All vs Beyonder, who is the strongest? So, after reading this article, who do you think is the strongest between the two of them?

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