Celestials are the strongest entities in the Marvel universe. In addition, the Celestials’ body size was very large, and there were also quite a number of them. Now talking about celestials, this time Team wants to invite you to discuss the strongest celestials in the Marvel universe.

The Celestials that we will discuss are Celestials that have just appeared in the comics. Besides that, most of the celestials that we will discuss are strong according to some Marvel comic fans.

Here are the Strongest Celestials in the Marvel Universe

Are you curious which celestials have enormous strength, even greater than other celestials? If so, let’s see the full discussion below.

1. One Above All

The first strongest Celestials in the Marvel universe is One Above All. When it comes to who is the most powerful entity in Marvel, of course The One Above All, he is the leader of the Celestials.

When it comes to the power of One Above All, besides that he can also strengthen other creatures according to his wishes, as he did with the Forgotten One. Given One Above All is the almighty in Marvel. it’s certainly not strange that he is the most powerful Celestial in the Marvel universe.

2. Tiamut

The next strongest Celestial in the Marvel universe is Tiamut. Now this Celestials is one of the entity figures that appears in the Eternals series, the moment of Tiamut’s awakening can make Galactus tremble.

In a flashback moment in Eternals volume 4 number 3, Tiamut had time to attack Arishem. Arishem is then shown falling to his knees, but Tiamut is attacked by other Celestials and sealed. Surely the achievements of this greatness of Tiamut are many, so that he is considered the most outstanding Celestials.

3. Scathan the Approver

The strongest Celestials in the next Marvel universe is Scathan the Approver. For those of you who follow Marvel comics, you will know that the Living Tribunal is one of the strongest cosmic entities. Now in the Guardians of the Galaxy comic, there is an entity called Protege.

This Protage had imitated the power of the Living Tribunal, even though he was very strong. But Scathan the Approver disagreed with him. Attacks from Scathan can affect Protage. Seeing his strength, of course, Scathan is included in one of the strongest Space Gods in Marvel.

4. Callus the Void

Then there is Callus the Void. this creature is one of the most prominent Dark Celestials when appearing in Marvel comics. He once fought Eson the Searcher and won.

Given that he managed to defeat Eson, of course, Marvel superheroes have difficulty fighting Callus. This Callus figure can only be defeated when the lost Celestials are resurrected, he is captured by them.

5. Exitar

Lastly is Exitar, if you ask about the most powerful Celestials in Marvel, surely this Exitar always appears. In Thor Annual #14 he explains that many beings have surpassed his strength, and the Fourth Celestial Host is said to be still less powerful than Exitar.

Even though the Celestials who were present for the Fourth Celestial Host could not be defeated by Odin just like that, Thor had a hard time fighting Arishem, even though Arishem’s strength was still below Exitar. That means Thor is no longer possible to win against Exitar.

These are some of the strongest celestials in the Marvel universe. So, after reading this article, who do you think is the strongest?

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