Peter Parker is one of the superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Besides that, he is also one of the most popular superheroes, as a professional superhero of course Peter Parker could have retired. Well, if you retire, there must be a successor. Therefore, this time we will discuss Spider-Man, the successor to Peter Parker in the Marvel Universe.

The Spider-Man that we will discuss comes from sharing the Universe, some in the Movie series, comics to games.

Here’s Spider-Man Successor to Peter Parker in the Marvel Universe

Curious, who will be Peter Parker’s successor? If so, let’s see the full discussion below.

1. Miguel O’Hara

The first Spider-Man successor to Peter Parker is Miguel O’Hara. So for those of you who don’t know Miguel O’Hara is Spider-Man from 2099, long after the Peter Parker era ended. He got his powers as a result of a genetic experiment that allowed him to obtain spider DNA.

Now in the comic series, Miguel O’Hara or Spider-Man 2099 has time traveled several times to meet Peter Parker. So it’s not surprising that one day Spider-Man 2099 will one day appear in the Marvel Universe movie.

2. Max Borne

The next Spider-Man successor to Peter Parker is Max Borne. Now this Spider-Man comes from the 23rd century, Max Borner is also known as Spider-Man 2211. According to the information we have received, Spider-Man 2211 is part of a time protection organization.

In addition he said, Max Borne had met with Peter Parker and Miguel O’Hara helping each other to fight criminals. If we look at the appearance of Spider-Man 2211 is more unique than other Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2211 has an extra hand on the back of his back.

3. May Parker

The next Spider-Man successor to Peter Parker is May Parker. So this May Parker is the first child of the couple Peter Parker and Mary Jane in Alternative Universe. Just like her father May Parker has spider powers.

May’s spider powers appeared when she was 15 years old. As a Superhero child, May was able to master her powers quickly and she also decided to become a Spider-Girl, continuing her father’s work.

4. Amazing Eight

Then there’s the Amazing Eight. It’s not just Peter Parker, apparently Miles Morales is married and has children in the Alternative Universe. Told in the Alternative Universe, Miles Morales is married to Gwen Stacy and they have two children, Charlotte and Max.

Together with their two children, Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy gather Spider-Man from the future for the Amazing Eight team.

5. Peter Parker 2099

Finally, Peter Parker 2099. In the game Spider-Man: Edge of Time, it is an alternative future. Peter Parker can live until the year 2099 with Alchemax’s advanced technology.

Peter Parker at this time is similar to the Peter Parker we know so far, only the difference is that he is weaker than before, because Peter Parker 2099 is too dependent on the giant Iron Spider costume.

That’s the discussion about Spider-Man’s successor to Peter Parker in the Marvel Universe. So, after reading this article, which Spider-Man do you like?

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