Here we present a preview of Kamen Rider Geats episode 4. Where the fourth episode will air today, September 25, 2022.

The Kamen Rider Geats series is a tokusatsu series and also the newest Kamen Rider franchise which started broadcasting on September 4 yesterday. After we make a synopsis, discussion, and preview of the previous three episodes. How is the preview of the fourth episode that aired today?

In a short teaser they shared after the end of the third episode. It can be seen that the focus of this episode is still on the characters Neon Kurama (Kamen Rider Naago) and also Kanato Sumida (Kamen RIder Dapan). The fate of these two people is on the brink of being hit by the zombie Jamato attack.

Neon Healed Successfully?

At the end of the third episode of Kamen Rider Geats yesterday. Neon’s own body weakened due to infection from the attack launched by Kanato Sumida who had turned into a zombie.

Well, in the still cut shared by TV Asahi and also TOEI Company. Seen if the possibility of Neon will be healed. At the same time he will still survive in the Desire Grand Prix tournament later. In the picture. Neon is having a casual conversation with Keiwa Sakurai the Kamen Rider Tycoon.

Kamen Rider Dapan Will Be Completely Zombie?

One of the interesting phrases that Tsumuri said before the start of the second round yesterday was. If any participant is infected with zombies. Then the participant will become one of their herd.

Interestingly, Kanato Sumida or Kamen Rider Dapan himself has been infected and cannot be seen if his behavior changes. But in the latest still cut. His own position was in front of the Jamato zombies? Will Kanato’s consciousness also slowly disappear? It’s worth waiting for this fourth episode. Because maybe we have to say goodbye to the young man.

Kamen Rider Naago Boost Hammer’s New Form Debuts

The strong suspicion that Neon Kurama will still survive is also clarified with a still cut showing the new form of Kamen Rider Naago. Where he uses Boost Raise Buckle and Hammer Raise Buckel. Make it as Kamen Rider Naago Boost Hammer Form.

Is this time Neon will be the winner of the second round? Will Ace Ukiyo’s streak as the winner of the previous two Desire Grand Prix wins end this time? You can watch the sequel in the fourth episode later.

Yep, that was a brief preview that we could give ahead of the screening of Kamen Rider Geats episode 4. Make sure you don’t miss this tokusatsu series, guys.

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