In One Piece manga chapter 1060, we can see the continuation of Sabo contacting Dragon. According to the information we got, at the time Sabo contacted Dragon, he was in the Lulusia kingdom. While they were chatting suddenly there was an attack from the sky and the kingdom was destroyed. After seeing this incident, you must be wondering what will happen to Sabo after the Lulusia kingdom is destroyed?

For those of you who don’t know, the Lulusia kingdom has been mentioned in the previous chapter. Even Ace had come to the kingdom to look for Blackbeard.

Here’s the theory of Sabo’s fate after the Lulusia kingdom was destroyed

Curious, how will Sabo’s fate be when Lulusia is destroyed? Then let’s see the discussion below.

1. Sabo Deliberately Didn’t Use Special Den Den Mushi

One thing that becomes a question, why is Sabo who is the number 2 person in the Revolutionary army not using a special Den Den Mushi when contacting Dragon. Even the navy was astonished by his actions.

They thought that Sabo had been cornered and distraught by the situation, thus caught him off guard. But there are some fans who think that Sabo did that.

According to the circulating theory, Sabo deliberately set a trap and told Dragon the facts about the World Government. Since he wanted to know what they were going to do, it could be that Sabo had deliberately kept the Den Den Mushi in Lulusia to direct the signal there. While Sabo himself is in a different place.

2. Sabo Wasn’t In Lulusia Kingdom When Calling Dragon

The theory was also strengthened when the attack that led to Lulusia’s kingdom was about to occur. So before the attack happened, Sabo contacted Dragon and talked about the vacant throne and the King of the World.

Suddenly the clouds in Lulusia’s kingdom began to cloud, and many people looked up at the sky. As for Sabo, when he was talking to Dragon he didn’t look up at the sky, but looked straight at the side. Most likely Sabo was not in Lulusia at the time of the attack, it could be in a place not far from the kingdom.

3. Sabo Congratulations on the Power of Mera Mera no Mi

The last theory is that Sabo could have existed in Lulusia’s kingdom, but when the attack that hit Lulusia occurred. Sabo who is a Mera Mera no Mi user, the Fire Logia immediately turns into Fire and leaves from there.

Given that Sabo is the second in command of the Revolutionary Army and he can immediately use the Mera Mera no Mi when he eats it, it’s no wonder that his ability to use the Mera Mera no Mi has increased again. But it is possible that Sabo did not survive the attack.

If Sabo does not survive the attack, then Sabo’s death will trigger the Revolutionary forces and the Straw Hat Pirates to attack the World Government on a large scale.

That’s the theory about how Sabo’s fate will be after Lulusia’s kingdom is destroyed. So what do you think, is Sabo safe or not?

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