For those of you who don’t know SHIELD is one of the fictional organizations in Marvel.

This one organization often appears in the Marvel series, then they are also often heavily involved with Superheroes. Talking about SHIELD this time we will discuss the history and hidden facts of SHIELD, the secret organization in Marvel.

As a secret organization, of course, SHIELD is operating clandestinely. In addition, each agent is very talented and also great, then this one organization has a wide network and spreads in various countries.

Here’s the History and Hidden Facts of SHIELD at Marvel

Are you curious when SHIELD was founded and what facts do they have? If so, let’s see the full discussion below.

1. History of SHIELD

First, we will discuss the history of the founding of the SHIELD organization according to the information we got. SHIELD stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

This organization is an intelligence, anti-terrorism, and military agency based in the United States. But outside the government’s responsibility, this organization was first formed after the Second World War ended, precisely when Captain America disappeared.

Initially this organization was called the SSR, a research institute that aimed to fight the Nazis which at that time had been supported by HYDRA during the war. But because the war was over the SSR turned into an intelligence agency.

2. SHIELD Is Not Affiliated With One Country

Furthermore, SHIELD is not affiliated with a single country. As we mentioned earlier, SHIELD is indeed in the United States. But they are not affiliated with a single country.

In addition, they are often described as a highly classified autonomous agency of the United Nations with unlimited funds. But in the Marvel universe, SHIELD is often depicted as a spy organization when the United States carries out special operations.

3. One of SHIELD’s Tasks is to Connect the Marvel Universe

Next is one of SHIELD’s tasks as a liaison for the Marvel universe. As we mentioned earlier, this one organization often appears in the Marvel series, they are depicted as often seen with Superheroes in the Marvel universe.

Of course, this information is not something strange, because every Marvel movie ending, we will definitely see one of the SHIELD agents who come to Superheroes, for example, Nick Furry, who always appears in post-credits cameos.

In addition to being a post-credits cameo, SHIELD members also often help Superheroes who are in trouble.

4. SHIELD Had A Dark Age

Finally, the SHIELD organization has experienced a dark period. If we look at the previous point, SHIELD is a good organization that is very strong or difficult for spies to feed.

But who would have thought, it turned out that SHIELD had been infiltrated by enemy spies. In addition, various corrupt parties also joined SHIELD to change this organization from within. But fortunately SHIELD can bounce back again thanks to Nick Fury.

That’s the discussion about the history and hidden facts of SHIELD in the Marvel universe. So, after reading this article, do you think this organization has a very important role?

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