It seems that not many people know that the trailer for the first Spider-Man movie made by Sony has undergone changes. Surely most of us know that the first Spider-Man trailer is a cut-scene from the finished film.

Turns out, here. Sony had made the first trailer whose contents were quite sensitive. It’s not about the content that can trigger a commotion, but only because of one scene. Whoa, what the heck? Of course I’m curious. If you are curious, continue reading this article further, yes!

The First Trailer Has a View of the WTC Building!

Now. This is the first trailer for Spider-Man Sam Raimi before it underwent changes. In the video, it appears that none of the scenes in the film are included in the trailer. Even at a glance, if we look at it, there really isn’t a sensitive issue that forces Sony to replace it, right?

But for those who don’t know, there’s actually a little view of the WTC twin buildings in Spidey’s eyes. For those born after the September 11 incident, it seems they will not realize if the view of the building is the WTC building.

Well, it turns out that this trailer was released before the September 11 incident. At that time, many said this was not a trailer, but an advertisement for the promotion of the film which was about to air.

Not to mention that there are no cut scenes and the trailer itself will only be released in October. But not a few also believe that the video was intended for Sam Raimi’s first Spidey trailer.

No Longer Show Or Changed Post 9/11

The impact of the incident did not only occur in politics between countries, but also in various aspects, one of which was the film industry. In order not to make the relatives of the victims sad, many films were forced to re-enact the incident. Of course the films that use the WTC building as the background. Like Men in Black. And Spider-Man, which was still in the works at the time.

Finally, out of respect for the victims and relatives left behind, the Spider-Man trailer showing the WTC twin buildings was not shown. However, some scenes in the first trailer are still Sony included in the early minutes of the new trailer.

Well, that’s why the first Spider-Man Sam Raimi trailer finally disappeared and was replaced with the new trailer that we know today.

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