Marvel is one of the most famous Superhero franchises. This series has existed since 1939, considering that Marvel has existed for a long time and still exists, of course, Marvel has a lot of superhero and villain characters. Talking about Marvel characters, you must be wondering who was the first Superhero in Marvel?

As the name implies, this Superhero is a human who has the power to protect ordinary people. Not only superhumans, there are some ordinary humans who work as Superheroes.

Here’s the First Superhero in Marvel Comics

Curious, who is the first superhero in Marvel comics? Then let’s see the full discussion below.

1. Hammond the Human Torch

The first superhero in Marvel was the Human Torch. You need to know, before the name Human Torch was popularized by Johnny Storm from Fantastic Four, this superhero identity was first used by Jim Hammond.

According to the story, Jim Hammond is an Android who can think and act like a human. Professor Phineas T. Horton, the person who created Jim, once made a mistake where when Jim was exposed to air, his body would burn, but not damage his body at all.

Because of this mistake, many humans are afraid of him because every time Jim appears there is always a big fire. But all that changed when he managed to defeat a criminal named Anthony Sardo. Since then he is considered a superhero with the name Human Torch.

2. Namor the Sub-Mariner

The first superhero in Marvel next is Namor. This one character is different from Jim Hammond, Namor is closely related to Air. Namor McKenzie, also known as the Sub-Mariner, is a mutant anti-hero.

Considering Namor is the daughter of the Queen of the Underwater Kingdom, his childhood was filled with playing and practicing with his family and friends. Because he grew up in Atlantis, he became loyal to Atlantis and hated humans.

At first Namor was described as a human enemy who did not hesitate to destroy the many submarines and warships that crossed his territory. In addition to the Human Torch and first appeared in Marvel Comics #1 in 1939.

3. Where Are They Now?

After knowing who the first superhero in Marvel was, you must be curious where they are now. According to the information we have received, these two characters are still alive and well in the Marvel Universe.

Now for the Human Torch, apart from being a police officer he has also been a part of SHIELD, Invaders, Secret Avengers, and West Coast Avengers. As for Namor, because of his unstable emotions, he often faces superheroes.

Even so, Namor is included as a valuable asset for the Avengers and other superhero teams such as the Defenders, X-Men, Illuminati, and Invaders.

That’s the discussion about the first Superhero at Marvel. After reading this article, which character do you think you like?

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