In the comics, there are countless villains that Spider-Man has defeated. But when it comes to strength that is truly on par with him. The name Kraven The Hunter will definitely pop into the minds of fans of the spider masked hero.

Interestingly, the fifth phase of the MCU will introduce him as one of the villains from Spidey. Not as an enemy, but through his solo Movie, played by Quicksilver actor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

On this occasion, we will give you a brief introduction about the figure of Kraven The Hunter. While building hype for MCU and Spider-Man fans for this one character. So right away, this is the discussion.

Things You Should Know From Kraven The Hunter

The First Villain in Spidey Comics

For the uninitiated, Kraven The Hunter is one of Spider-Man’s earliest enemies to appear in the comics. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 in August 1964.

His figure is the alter ego of Sergei Kravinoff. Sergei is a renowned hunter from Russia who sets his next target on Spider-Man after achieving what he considers to be the greatest success in his sport of hunting.

Have Power Balanced With Spider-Man

Maybe Kraven was an ordinary human. But he has made himself a superhuman through the consumption of various poisons and tropical herbs that are said to be very rare. Sergei’s crazy actions also make his ability to be said to be quite equivalent to Spider-Man. Especially from a physical point of view.

In addition to having good physical strength, he also has skills as a sniper and is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat, with such a tough mentality that makes him one of the coolest and dangerous villains in the Spider-Man story.

Can Rise From The Dead

In one moment, Kraven was told to die in an edition of the Spider-Man comic that was published in 1987 ago. But in the storyline of The Gauntlet and Grim Hunt, which was published in 2009. Sergei alias Kraven managed to rise again from the dead.

The way Kraven can rise is also somewhat mystical. In the story, his family brought him back through a mysterious ritual. Where they used Spider-Man’s blood which later managed to bring him back to life.

His career was continued by his two children

During Sergei ‘absence’ for up to 2 decades in comics. Marvel also presents another character to inherit his determination to hunt down Spidey. Some of them are his children. Namely Vladimir Kravinoff, who would later become a Grim Hunter. And his daughter, Ana, during her father’s death, used the name Kraven The Hunter.

Uniquely, there are still other Kravens who are not from Sergei’s own family. The clones are called Sons Of Kraven, created by High Evolutionary. Who will be the main villain in the third Guardians of The Galaxy Movie later.

Founder of the Sinister Six

Since the early 2010s, both Sony and Marvel Studios seem to give hype to this group of criminals. Some of its members such as Sandman, Electro, and Mysterio have appeared in various versions of the Spider-Man Movie. Starting from the Sam Raimi trilogy, Two Marc Webb films, and also the Jon Watts trilogy.

In the comic version, Kraven is one of the founding members of the villain group. They first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, as part of Doctor Octopus’ plot to take revenge on Spider-Man.

That was a little introduction to the story that we can give to the figure of Kraven The Hunter. Approximately. How do you feel about this villain?

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