The film industry, especially fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is receiving good news. After being officially announced to enter the MCU last January. It has been confirmed that the third Deadpool film will be released in 2024.

Of course, this news is a long wait for fans of this mutant character. Because it took about 6 years for Ryan Reynolds to return to play the figure of Wade Wilson or Deadpool in the film.

Ready to broadcast in 2024

Citing a report from CNN Indonesia. It was the actor who played Wade Wilson himself, Ryan Reynolds, who reported the news. He announced two new things regarding the production of the Deadpool 3 film. One of the things that fans were very concerned about was the show schedule for his new film.

Ryan announced the news himself through a short video that he uploaded on September 27 yesterday. In addition to the broadcast schedule, the 45-year-old actor also announced a new star who will appear in Deadpool 3. Not to forget, Reynolds also apologized for missing Disney’s D23 conference earlier this month to inform the development of Deadpool 3.

“We’re really sad to miss D23, but we’ve been working hard on the next Deadpool movie for a long time now,” said Ryan Reynolds.

Continuation of Deadpool’s Admission to the MCU

This news is in line with the announcement of the inclusion of the character Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe last January. Kevin Feige as the President of Marvel Studios immediately gave this confirmation in the midst of a situation full of uncertainty.

The reason is, the distributor and production house of the two previous Deadpool films (20th Century Fox) have bought their assets by Disney. Apart from confirming Deadpool is in the MCU universe. Feige also said that his party would maintain the film’s adult-only rating.

This is because the adult rating has become a kind of trademark that has been given since the first film. Even though as fans know, the majority of other MCU films come with an audience rating of PG-13.

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