Privileges are not only for the King, but the Queen also gets special privileges. Even in the Marvel world, Kings and Queens have privileges and have many followers. Now talking about the Kings and Queens in Marvel, this time we will discuss the beautiful and strong Queen in the Marvel Universe.

Just like the King, the Queen’s job is to lead a country. Usually the Queen leads a country when the King is not around. Usually the woman who becomes the Queen is a strong, beautiful and smart figure.

Here’s the Queen of Rulers in the Marvel Universe

Curious, who are the ruling queens in the Marvel Universe? If so, let’s see the full discussion below.

1. Shuri

The first ruling queen in the Marvel Universe was Shuri. For those of you who don’t know or have forgotten, Shuri is T’Challa’s younger sister. According to the story, Shuri was one of the lucky women who got the throne in the land of Wakanda.

In the New Avengers Volume 3 story, at that time he had to act as a ruler appropriately and quickly because Wakanda had to deal with Namor and Atlantis. Thanks to the power and intelligence he has, Shuri managed to gather many formidable warriors and managed to create advanced technology to protect his country.

2. Storm

The queen of rulers in the next Marvel Universe is Storm. For those of you who have forgotten, Storm was once a thief in New York and Cairo, over time he joined the X-Men as a weather controller mutant.

Due to joining the X-Men, Storm can finally meet T’Challa or Black Panther. Thanks to this meeting Storm and T’Challa got married, so Storm automatically became Queen of Wakanda.

3. Lilandra

The queen of rulers in the next Marvel Universe is Lilandra, for those of you who don’t know she is the Queen of the rulers of the Intergalactic Empire Shi’ar. The reigning kingdom has a galactic dominion that spans millions of planets. Even according to the information we got, Lilandra could punish Mister Fantastic and save Galactus with her power.

4. Medusa

Then there is Medusa, this character is an Inhuman who is quite popular in the Marvel Universe. Medusa is part of the Attilan Royal Family and is married to the strongest Inhuman Blackagar Boltagon.

When Baltagon becomes a King, Medusa automatically becomes a Queen. He held power over the entire Moon, not just on the Moon, but he also controlled all the Inhumans on Earth, when Black Bolt was replaced.

5. Veranke

The reigning queen in the last Marvel Universe was Veranke. Apart from the Intergalactic Empire Shi’ar, there are several other famous kingdoms, and one of them is the Skrull Empire. Veranke is the Queen of the Skrull Empire, she had led her troops to attack Earth in the story Secret Invasion.

At that time the Skrull Race managed to dominate almost all of the planets of the Andromeda galaxy. Of course, this is quite natural, considering that the Skrull Empire itself is the oldest empire in the universe.

This is the list of the Queens in the Marvel Universe. After reading this article and knowing who the reigning Queen is, which character do you think you like?

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