The first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has dropped, which means we’ve formally gotten our first glimpse of the MCU’s Phase E. The trailer raises a whole lot of fascinating questions. Who is Bill Murray enjoying? Why is every thing so Star Wars-y? Why does Hope Van Dyne persistently have the worst hair in the MCU?

The trailer might not reveal a lot about the precise plot of Marvel’s third Ant-Man film, however there are some juicy nuggets and a whole lot of Kang the Conqueror footage to dig into. Here’s what we realized from the trailer.

The MCU’s Phase E.Begins

This could also be the first movie in Phase E. however it seems that Quantumania opens in the same place to most of the Phase D.films. Scott Lang is basking in the afterglow of getting saved the universe from Thanos and waiting for a brighter future. Maybe nobody appears to grasp the distinction between Ant-Man and Spider-Man, but it surely’s nonetheless a giant enchancment from his days as a convicted felon and Baskin-Robbins wage slave.

But it’s not lengthy earlier than issues go haywire for Scott and the remainder of the Ant-Man household. We study his daughter Cassie (who’s now being performed by Kathryn Newton) is a budding tremendous-genius who’s been busy making an attempt to contact the chew-sized inhabitants of the Quantum Realm. Only Michelle Pfeiffer’s Janet Van Dyne, who simply spent the previous a number of many years trapped in the Quantum Realm, appears to grasp what a nasty thought that is.

Based on this footage, it appears most of the film takes place inside the Quantum Realm, as our 5 heroes are sucked inside Cassie’s satellite tv for pc machine and dragged right into a battle with Kang the Conqueror. By the finish, Cassie might be suiting up as Stature for the first time.

Before moving into Kang’s function in the story, it’s value taking a step again to understand the use of Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” as the trailer’s soundtrack. The tune is actually the story of somebody making an attempt to go away behind the world of fame and fortune in favor of returning to the farm and getting again to their roots. That in all probability describes Scott’s mindset in the sequel.

This additionally makes Quantumania the newest in a protracted line of MCU initiatives – like WandaVision, Loki and Werewolf by Night – that make reference to The Wizard of Oz. We doubt that’s only a coincidence. The deeper Marvel will get into the Multiverse Saga, the extra it turns into clear our heroes are stepping out of Kansas and right into a extra fantastical world.

Inside the Quantum Realm

The trailer is fairly imprecise about what truly occurs to Scott and the gang after they’re dragged into the Quantum Realm. There’s a whole lot of fantastical imagery and unfamiliar beings about, confirming that Quantumania goes to discover the make-up of the Quantum Realm in far better depth than its predecessors. With all the photographs of unusual landscapes, spaceships and seedy bars, Quantumania nearly appears extra like a Star Wars film than a conventional MCU movie. More Star Wars-y than the Guardians of the Galaxy films, even.

Quantumania could also be the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Marvel’s Micronauts comics tailored in stay-motion. Those comics launched freedom fighters like Acroyear, Arcturus Rann, Marionette and Bug, who battle an armored dictator referred to as Baron Karza inside the Microverse. Unfortunately, Marvel now not holds the rights to most of these characters, however we might even see Quantumania draw some inspiration from Micronauts and its very Star Wars-influenced plot.

One huge thriller on this trailer includes what precisely Janet is so afraid of. The apparent implication is that she’s afraid of attracting the consideration of Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror, however we’re not so certain. As we realized in Loki: Season A. most variations of Kang had been worn out of existence due to He Who Remains, who had been utilizing the Time Variance Authority to protect a single “Sacred Timeline” and stop his alternate selves from threatening the multiverse.

Theoretically, meaning Kang didn’t exist inside the Quantum Realm when Janet was trapped there. But possibly now that the multiverse is again, it’s as if Kang was at all times there. Time journey is sophisticated.

Instead, it might be Bill Murray’s thriller character who has Janet cowering in her cloak. Murray solely seems in a single, silent shot on this trailer, however Marvel revealed barely extra of the character in a Comic-Con-exclusive teaser. That trailer confirms Janet has a previous historical past with Murray’s character. One in style concept is that Murray is enjoying Janet’s ex-boyfriend, a relic of a time the place she feared she would by no means escape the Quantum Realm and started making a brand new life for herself.

Another chance is that Janet is afraid of working into MODOK. That huge-brained villain doesn’t seem in the trailer (so far as we are able to inform), however he does briefly present up in the Comic-Con model. Whatever battle is awaiting our heroes in the Quantum Realm, it’s a secure wager that MODOK has one thing to do with it.

Meet Kang the Conqueror

He Who Remains is lifeless, which means the multiverse has been restored and these different variations of Kang are again on the desk. One of these variations appears to be the important villain of Quantumania. This Kang is proudly decked out in his conventional comedian e book costume, blue face masks and all.

Though whereas we’re anticipating Kang to be the important villain of this sequel, it’s fascinating that the trailer doesn’t actually paint him as the dangerous man. If something, this footage goes out of its strategy to depict Kang as the one individual in the MCU who truly respects Scott Lang and doesn’t confuse Ant-Man with Spider-Man.

Still, we’ve got little doubt Kang is simply looking for himself right here. Especially as a result of the Comic-Con trailer additionally has Kang asking Scott, “Have I killed you before?”. So many lifeless heroes, so little time…

Based on his outfit, that is in all probability the important model of Kang we’ll be seeing all through the Multiverse Saga – the villain who shapes the subsequent a number of years of Marvel films the means Thanos anchored the Infinity Saga.

We additionally see a couple of photographs of an enormous metropolis and its excessive-tech army. That metropolis could also be Chronopolis, Kang’s base of operations that exists exterior the regular confines of area and time. Kang doesn’t essentially have a deep connection to the Microverse in the comics, however so far as the MCU goes, it seems that the Quantum Realm is his base of operations in his quest to beat all actuality. He might have his sights set on the remainder of the Quantum Realm earlier than shifting onto the MCU we all know and love.

That’s every thing we find out about Ant-Man advert the Wasp: Quantumania up to now. Are you prepared for the MCU to go full Star Wars? Is Kang the final villain on this battle? Let us know what you assume in the feedback.

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