The Illuminati is one of the organizations in the Marvel Universe. The purpose of the Illuminati is to protect the Earth from outside threats, because of that goal, the illuminati are willing to do anything so that their goals can be achieved. So, this time we will discuss interesting facts about the illuminati in the Marvel Universe.

The goals of the Illuminati may look good, but the way they do it is wrong. There are even some superheroes who don’t like the illuminati because the actions they take deviate from the real superhero duties.

Here are Interesting Facts about the Illuminati in the Marvel Universe

Curious, what are the facts that the illuminati have at Marvel? Then let’s see the full discussion below.

1. Member of the Marvel Illuminati

The first interesting fact of the Illuminati that we will discuss is its members. According to the information we got, the illuminati group consists of six people, namely Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Professor X, Dr. Strange, Namor and Black Bolt.

They gather only to discuss the threats that for them could threaten the Earth. In addition to discussing strategy, members of the illuminati also exchange information about the enemies they face.

2. Black Panther Didn’t Join the Illuminati

The next interesting fact about the illuminati at Marvel is that Black Panther did not join the illuminati. According to the information we got, after the Krull war, Iron Man realized that several groups had information about the aliens.

Then Iron Man invited several superhero groups to form the illuminati. Initially Black Panther was going to join, but because his ideology was not in line, he didn’t join. But several times Black Panther helped the Illuminati action

3. All Members of the Illuminati Group Leaders in the MCU

An interesting fact about the illuminati in the next Marvel is that all members of the illuminati are group leaders in the MCU. As we discussed in the previous point, there are 6 members of the illuminati.

First there is Iron Man who represents the Avengers, then Dr. Strage represents the mystical side, then Professor X represents the X-Men and the Mutants, Namor the Ocean King of Atlantis and Black Bolt the Inhuman leader.

4. Every member of the Illuminati has an Infinity Stone

Then each member of the illuminati holds an Infinity Stone. As we know the Illuminati is an organization that moves the Earth from behind the shadows. As an organization that has great influence.

Of course they have the same position. Well, their form of equality is that each member of the ilmuniati holds the Infinity Stone. In addition, their goal is to hold the Infinity Stone so that the stone does not fall into the enemy.

5. Hulk’s Revenge For Illuminati

Another interesting fact about the illuminati at Marvel is that the Hulk has a grudge against the illuminati. As we discussed in the previous point, members of the illuminati always gather to exchange information about their enemies and discuss figures who can threaten Earth.

Now Hulk who is a member of the Avengers, for them is a figure who can threaten Earth, therefore they once exiled Hulk to another planet and when Hulk returned to Earth, he took revenge on the illuminati and became a figure who threatened Earth.

6. Many Destroy Planets

Lastly, the illuminati destroy the planet a lot. So this illuminati is not a distant or good group, now because of this the illuminati often cooperate with supervillains to protect the Earth.

Usually the illuminati order supervillains to destroy planets that they think could be a threat to Earth. In addition, the Illuminati also make weapons of mass destruction, so they can destroy enemy planets easily.

Those are some interesting facts about the Illuminati in the Marvel Universe. After reading this article, do you think you got any new information?

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