Hulk is one of the most famous Marvel superheroes, because he has a very large physique, is green in color and is also very strong. The Hulk’s real identity is Bruce Banner, but did you know that the Hulk isn’t just Bruce Banner. So, this time we will discuss the Hulk in the MCU in addition to Bruce Banner.

In the MCU series, the Hulk is another character from Bruce Banner, when he turned into the Hulk. He immediately became a brutal figure, but over time Bruce Banner was able to control the Hulk.

Here’s Hulk in the MCU Besides Bruce Banner

Are you curious about who the Hulk is in the MCU other than Bruce Banner? If so, let’s see the full discussion below.

1. She-Hulk

The first Hulk in the MCU besides Bruce Banner was She-Hulk. This character’s real identity is Jennifer Walters, she is Bruce Banner’s brother and also a great lawyer.

Well Jennifer was accidentally shot by a criminal until she was bleeding, because Bruce has the same blood type, he donated it to Jeniifer. But considering that Bruce’s blood had been exposed to radiation, Jennifer’s blood was also infected and made him turn into the She-Hulk.

2. Red Hulk

Hulk in the MCU besides Bruce Banner, the next is the Red Hulk. This character’s real identity is Thaddeus Ross, he is the father of Betty Ross, Bruce Banner’s lover.

After Betty Ross died, Ross became depressed and became involved with a criminal organization. So his involvement made him turn into the Red Hulk. This variant of the Hulk, had become a threat to the heroes.

3. Red She-Hulk

Hulk in the MCU in addition to the next Bruce Banner is Red She-Hulk. At the previous point Thaddeus Ross became the Red Hulk due to Betty’s death. Betty was supposed to be dead of cancer.

Then Betty was revived by the enemy Hulk, The Leader, then Betty turned into Red She-Hulk. At first he became a Supervillain, then turned into an anti-hero involved in several important plots.

4. Hulk 2099

Then there is Hulk 2099. Now this one figure is a Hulk from a different era. In 2099, Eisenhart is an executive of Lotusland Production. He researched the Knights of Banner, the Hulk cult group.

However, there was a clash and reporting of the Knights of Banner committing massacres and resulting in many deaths. Eisenhart felt so sorry for the massacre. Then the gamma device investigated by the Knights of Banner activated, hitting Eisenhart. Eisenhart was transformed into Hulk 2099.

5. Totally Awesome Hulk

Hulk in the MCU besides Bruce Banner, the next is the Totally Awesome Hulk. So there was an incident where the Hulk absorbed excessive radiation, even his life was threatened because of his actions,

Amadeus Cho, one of the smartest characters in the MCU, uses a special nanomachine to separate the Hulk from Banner. Then Cho put the Hulk into his body and made him turn into a Totally Awesome Hulk.

6. Robert Maverick’s Red Hulk

Finally, the Red Hulk version of Robert Maverick. Similar to Thaddeus Ross, Robert Maverick is an army officer. By using a special tool called the Hulk Plug-In.

Maverick can transform into the Red Hulk, just like Ross. Maverick can even maintain his wits as the Red Hulk.

That’s the discussion about the Hulk in the MCU, apart from Bruce Banner. So, after reading this article, which Hulk variant do you like?

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