For those of you who like to read comics or manga, surely you know about the Chainsaw Man series.

According to the information we got, the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation will be released for the first time on October 12, 2022. So that’s why this time we will discuss the reasons why the Chainsaw Man anime must be waited for.

This anime tells of Denji, a teenager who has a simple dream of living a happy and peaceful life. But in fact he has to work as a demon hunter in order to pay off his parents’ debt.

Here’s Why Chainsaw Man Anime Must Wait

Curious what are the reasons why the Chainsaw Man anime must be waited for? Then let’s see the full discussion below.

1. Talking About Antiheroes

The first reason why the Chainsaw Man anime is a must wait is because of the story. As we know, usually in action anime, the main character is a hero who likes to save other people.

And usually how not to sacrifice others. However, unlike Chainsaw Man, the main character, Denji, has a desire to live happily and peacefully. So to achieve that goal, he is willing to do anything. He even sold his internal organs and worked with the Yakuza.

2. Full of Violence

Next up is this series full of violence. As we mentioned earlier, this anime tells the story of Denji who hunts demons in order to achieve his desires.

Well, the demons in the Chainsaw Man series are not just one or two, but there are many. Considering Denji who fights with terrible monsters, of course there are many violent and bloody scenes.

3. From the start, the situation was chaotic

Next is that from the very beginning the setting of the Chainsaw Man scene has been chaotic. As we discussed in the previous point, Denji the main character works as a demon hunter.

Considering the Chainsaw Man story is full of demons, and demon hunting is a popular occupation. That means we can already guess, that the world of Chainsaw Man is chaotic, full of battles between demon hunters and demons.

4. All Characters Gray

Then all the characters are grayed out. For those of you who don’t know, from the start all the characters that appear in the Chainsaw Man series, all of them are gray. Nothing is good or far, all characters have their own goals and they will do anything to reach those goals.

5. Studio MAPPA did it

Finally, Studio MAPPA is working on it. For those of you who don’t know Studio MAPPA is one of the famous Animation Studios.

Recently, Studio MAPPA is on the rise, because of their previous work, the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. Now considering Chainsaw Man is now being worked on by Studio MAPPA, it’s likely that the animation will be similar to Jujutsu Kaisen.

Those are some of the reasons why the Chainsaw Man anime is worth waiting for.

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