Turning Red is a Pixar animated film that is currently airing on the Disney+ streaming platform.

The animated film directed by Domee Shi tells the lives of teenagers related to their obsession with music. One day, their lives change when they suddenly transform into a big red panda.

Launching CNN Indonesia, there are five interesting facts about the Turning Red film. Anything? Let’s just peel the interesting facts one by one.

1. A Teen Girl Friendship Story

Turning Red tells the story of Mei’s friendship with Miriam, Abby, and Priya. Their friendship is colored with typical teenage life. Like a trivial fuss at school, secretly liking someone, to liking a popular boyband at that time.

As four friends, they also support each other. One of them is by raising money to watch their favorite boyband concert. Namely 4 * Town.

2. Raising Mother and Child Conflict

In addition to being close to her three friends, Mei leads a steady and orderly life at home. He is quite close to and often helps his mother, Ming Lee. Mei and Ming Lee take care of and look after the temple belonging to their family’s ancestors. Their closeness became dynamic because Ming Lee was very concerned about Mei’s activities.

The story is then colored with conflict between mother and child. Moreover, at that time Mei was in her teens so she wanted to be someone who was free to seek pleasure.

3. Panda Is A Picture Of Puberty That Adolescent Girls Experience

In the movie Turning Red, Mei can turn into a giant red panda when her emotions overflow. The red panda character was chosen by director Domee Shi because it contains a metaphor. According to him, the red panda is a depiction of the puberty period experienced by girls when they were teenagers.

“Pandas are the perfect metaphor for puberty. They’re hairy, clumsy, and the red color reminds me a lot of puberty. It felt like the perfect metaphor for a girl who lost her cool and turned into a giant,” said Domee in a round table interview that was held recently.

4. Raising the Elements of Cultural Diversity

Turning Red has diverse cultural elements. The Lee family resides in the family’s ancestral shrine located in the Chinatown area of ​​Toronto, Canada. This makes the film thick with Asian and Chinese culture.

Not only that, representatives from the Asian community were present through Mei’s friends. Like Priya who is of Indian descent and Abby who is a Korean-Canadian.

5. The Presence of the 4*Town Boyband Who Becomes Adolescent to Teenage Girls

The film Turning Red also features the boyband 4*Town, which in the film is the idol of teenagers. This includes Mei and her three best friends.

Behind the scenes, Jordan Fisher, Finneas O’Connell, Topher Ngo, Grayson Villanueva, and Josh Levi sing and voice 4*Town. Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell are the main writers of 4*Town’s songs. There are three songs that both of them wrote for the fictional boyband.

Those were a series of facts about Pixar’s latest animated film Turning Red.

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