The Marvel Illuminati is one of the most influential organizations in the Marvel Universe. The founder of this group, Iron Man, invited other Superhero groups to cooperate and exchange information in order to protect Earth from external threats.

But this time we will discuss the crimes committed by the Illuminati in the Marvel Universe.

For those of you who don’t know the Illuminati members consist of Iron Man representing the Avengers, Namor the ruler of the Atlantis Ocean, Black Bolt the leader of the Inhumans.

Dr. Strange who represents the mystical side, Reed Richard from the Fantastic Four and Professor Xavier who represents the X-Men or Mutants.

Here are Illuminati Crimes in the Marvel Universe

So what crimes have the Marvel Illuminati ever committed? Then let’s see the full discussion below.

1. Erase Captain America’s Memories

Marvel’s first Illuminati crime was erasing Captain America’s memory. So the Illuminati often invite other superheroes to join them, then Captain America joins and it turns out that he knows the Illuminati’s badness.

Namely they are in control of the Infinity Gems, knowing that Captain America told them to stop what he was doing. But instead of stopping Dr. Strange even erased Captain America’s memories of the Illuminati.

2. Exile the Hulk from Space

Marvel’s next Illuminati crime is exile the Hulk into space. It’s not just Captain America who is a victim of the Illuminati, but Bruce Banner too. So at that time the Illuminati considered the Hulk a threat to Earth.

All members of the Illuminati agreed to exile the Hulk into space. Hulk who realized that the illuminati had exiled him, of course, made Hulk a grudge against them, and when he returned to Earth. The Hulk became Earth’s biggest threat at that time.

3. Cooperate With Criminals

The next Marvel Illuminati crime is the illuminati teaming up with criminals. As we mentioned earlier, the goal of the illuminati is to keep the Earth safe, and in truth this group cannot be considered evil or good.

In order to achieve their goals, they are willing to do anything to keep Earth safe. This is evident from how members of the Illuminati are forced to cooperate with various supervillains such as Thanos, Cabal and many others.

4. Destroy Many Worlds

Then the Illuminati often destroy many worlds. As we discussed in the previous point, the Illuminati often cooperate with the Villains in order to keep the Earth safe.

Usually the Illuminati will tell the Supervillains to destroy the planet so it doesn’t collide with Earth. Apart from destroying planets. Even the illuminati are also making weapons of mass destruction.

5. Keep Superhero’s Existence a Secret

Finally, keep the Superhero’s existence a secret. Actually this one crime is not so severe from the crime in the previous point. Well since the beginning the illuminati is a secret group that moves behind the scenes.

As a closed group, the illuminati have taken various actions to save the universe without the knowledge of other superheroes. Including controlling the events of Civil War and Secret Invasion.

But in the end their actions were discovered and made other superheroes angry to the point of urging them to disband

Thus the discussion about the crimes committed by the Illuminati in the Marvel Universe. After reading this article, do you think this group is bad or good?

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