Wakanda is a fictional country located in Sub-Saharan Africa. The region or country is the home of the Black Panther, even though it is in the African region. But Wakanda is very rich because it is rich in vibranium material. Talking about Wakanda, this time we will discuss non-Wakandan characters who become Black Panther.

Well Black Panther is a very popular superhero, he comes from Wakanda and most of those who become Black Panther are Wakanda leaders.

Here are the Non-Wakandan Characters Who Become Black Panther

Curious about who isn’t Wakandan but has been a Black Panther? If so, let’s see the full discussion below.

1. Steve Rogers

The first non-Wakandan character to become Black Panther was Steve Rogers. As we know, this character is known as Captain America, this superhero transforming into Black Panther occurred on Earth-1610.

At that time T’Challa decided to return to Wakanda, leaving the Black Panther position vacant in the Ultimates superhero group. It was then that Steve Rogers secretly used the Black Panther identity. But in the end T’Challa and Tony Stark found out that Steve Rogers was the Black Panther.

2. Strom

The non-Wakandan character who becomes the next Black Panther is Strom. This character is a mutant and also an important character in the X-Men story. At first Storm did the separation of power from his body, after the power was separated, Strom’s condition became chaotic.

Because of this, Tony Stark created the Ghost Panther armor, while taking on a new identity. Strom saved Wakanda several times, because of which she married T’Challa and became Queen of Wakanda.

3. Kevin Cole

The non-Wakandan character who becomes the next Black Panther is Kevin Cole. He is an ordinary man who works as a policeman, he often fights drug dealers. Once upon a time, borrowed a Black Panther costume stored in his boss’ locker to hunt down criminals.

But it was an illegal act that got him fired from the police. Since then Cole has never been a Black Panther again, but one day, he met Erik Killmonger and Kevin Cole became a member of the White Tiger.

4. Ngozi

The non-Wakandan character to be the last Black Panther is Ngozi. For those of you who don’t know, he’s an ordinary Nigerian. But he was a great former athlete. But unfortunately he had an accident that left him paralyzed.

His fate changes after meeting the symbiote Venom who can make him walk again. Long story short, Ngozi faced Rhino who had killed the Black Panther, after defeating Rhino. Dora Milaje from Wakanda suggests Ngozi to become the new Black Panther in place of T’Challa.

Thus the non-Wakandan character who became Black Panther. After reading this article and looking at the list, which version of Black Panther do you think you like?

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